Tuesday, August 4, 2015

#RPGaDAY2015 Day 4: Most Surprising Game

The most surprising game that I have played is Dead of Night which is published by SteamPower Publishing.  

This is a tiny rulebook that can fit in your pocket.  The game is designed to give you the experience of a horror movie.  The rules are very simple and the characters are rewarded for acting out cliches from horror movies.  For example, if a character is being chased by an axe murderer and decides to run into the abandoned amusement park instead of towards the brightly lit downtown, they would be rewarded.

The surprising part of this game was how smooth it ran and how easily it emulated the horror movie genre. I ran this game for a small group and the scenario played out just like a slasher film. I was truly surprised that such a tiny rulebook could do so much.  This game goes to show that good things can come in small packages.  The second edition of the game is available here.  Grab a copy for Halloween and have fun.