Wednesday, April 13, 2016

K is for Kickstarter - #atozchallenge

Today's post is about Kickstarter.  I have pledged for many an rpg through Kickstarter.  It is a neat platform where publishers can get support for their games and make their dreams see print.  I have been fairly lucky with my Kickstarter pledges.  I have received most of the items that I have backed.  I have received regular communications from companies whose games are behind schedule.  I am a patient man and I would rather have a late game than a crappy one.

The novelty of Kickstarter is starting to wear off.  At first I felt Kickstarter anxiety, which was a feeling that if I did not back a project then I was losing out and would never be able to get it.  I have now seen more than one project go from Kickstarter to the general market (or fail to materialize).  I have less anxiety about having to buy in during the Kickstarter phase.  I think twice about pledging.  Am I getting a good deal by pledging now?  Is this a reputable company?  Will it be worth it to wait and see how the game turns out before I put money behind it?  I will continue to back Kickstarter but I am much more discerning.