Monday, April 11, 2016

I is for Internet - #atozblogchallenge

Today's post is about the Internet and will be a bit of a grognard rant.  Back in my day gaming was very different.  Games had to be purchased at game stores or ordered through the mail.  I remember writing for my copy of the Steve Jackson Game catalog, and saving up my allowance so that I could order the GURPS boxed set (I think it was second edition) along with GURPS Horror and GURPS Autoduel.  Errata was a big deal.  We had to wait for issues of The General to come out with errata for our wargames.  Finding players was a hassle.  You had to look for players in your town, which risked exposing yourself as a huge nerd to the people who lived near you.  With the internet games now have almost immediate access to products, errata, and players.

Thank you Al Gore for inventing the internet!
The internet has had a huge impact on tabletop gaming culture.  I came back to the hobby through the internet.  I found out about Tunnels and Trolls through the web and started playing solo adventures.  I started collecting old and rare games through online sellers like Nobleknight.  I started playing with other people in play-by-email and play-by-forum games.

I have used the internet to play with people from around the world through video chat.  I use it to discuss rules questions, read reviews, do research for campaigns, and talk to other gamers.  I have used it to read and download free adventures, supplements, and even games.  The internet is a treasure trove of information for gamers, as long as they are proficient in navigating the web.

There are too many useful links for this post so I am including the one that I think provides the most bang for your buck.  The website is & Magazine's Wizardawn Games.  The website is full of useful tools, such as map generators and name generators.  They also have their own line of free, simple, rpgs for fantasy, sci-fi, zombie, and post-apocalyptic genres.  They also produce & Magazine, which is devoted to AD&D.  Take a gander at their site.