Thursday, August 18, 2016

#RPGaDAY 2016 Day 18: What Innovation Could RPGs Benefit Most From?

One innovation that I believe RPGs could benefit from is what I am going to term as the "hybrid RPG."  I am using the term hybrid RPG to describe games that cross over from the traditional format of RPGs (rulebooks and supplementary materials) to other forms of games (board games, card games, computer games, etc.).  Most hobbyists would love to see the player base of RPGs grow.  Pulling in new players has its challenges.  Giving someone a 400 page rule book and a character sheet that resembles a tax form can scare away potential recruits.  However, what if you can introduce players to something that resembles a board game, or an app game?  Then they can be transitioned to a fuller RPG experience.  The "Beginner Boxes" that some of the companies sell are close to this idea, but I think that companies can be more innovative and use more types of media.

Monopoly as a hybrid rpg.  Who hasn't role-played with their token? 

While there are examples of these hybrid games already (No Thank You Evil), one that is being designed specifically for this is for Trail of Cthulhu.  I was listening to an interview with a designer from Pelgrane Press and he was describing the new boxed set for Trail of Cthulhu.  The boxed set is being designed to resemble a board game.  Players will have stand-up tokens and a board on which they move around.  The idea will be to have people play Trail of Cthulhu as a board game while being tricked into role-playing.  I am not sure of the status of this project or how much it will change, but I think that this is a great idea to bring new players into the hobby.  I think that if people can figure out how to use this idea with card games, apps and social media then the hobby can have a huge potential pool of new players.