Tuesday, August 16, 2016

#RPGaDay 2016: Day 16 What Historical Person Would You Want in Your Group?

Today's question is what historical person would you want in your game group and what would you want the game to be?  This is an interesting question.  I have a list of historical figures that I would like to have in a Diplomacy game (Churchill, Kissinger, Machiavelli, Richelieu, Napoleon, and Wilson).  I have never given any thought to including a historical figure in a gaming group.  If I had to choose someone I might choose H.G. Wells and the game would be Savage Worlds.

H.G. Wells playing Little Wars
I would choose H.G. Wells because his Little Wars miniatures game is a precursor to the modern RPG, as D&D evolved from miniatures games.  I would choose Savage Worlds because that system uses miniatures and he would feel right at home.  I would run a science fiction game as he was a science fiction writer.  Perhaps we could run War of the Worlds: The Remains since it is based on one of his books!