Monday, February 24, 2014

D&D Blog Hop Day 24!

First movie that comes to your mind that you associate with D&D

Ralph Bashki’s Hobbit is the movie that I associate with D&D the most.  I thought that the Hobbit and D&D took place in the same universe as a kid.  I was bothered that D&D spellcasting didn't work like Gandalf’s magic.  Gandalf didn't have to memorize spells every day.  This film was D&D in my mind; they fought goblins, there was magic, they fought a dragon, there were dark caverns to explore, there were riddles, etc.  This was a quest undertaken by a bunch of bumbling adventurers.  If you have never seen it, check it out.  I think that Bashki did a much better job of capturing the spirit of the Hobbit that Peter Jackson is doing.