Saturday, September 19, 2015

Donate Your Campaign Notes to Posterity!

I discovered (The Play Generated Map & Document Archive) the other day. Their goal is to collect and preserve documents that have been generated by people playing role playing games. They are looking for maps, campaign notes, character sheets, and other miscellany for the archive. They will scan it, put it up on the internet, and then ship the documents off to a museum.

One of the things that I love about the rpg hobby is that it is a creative venture.  Role players are constantly creating their own worlds, maps, adventures, and stories.  All it takes to modify a game, destroy a planet, or create a hero is a pen and some paper.  Now there is a project dedicated to saving all of those sheets of paper that gamers have used to create awesome adventures.

I was cleaning out my GM notebook and I was trying to decide what to do with my old campaign notes.  They were about to go into the recycling bin but then I found out that will take them and save them for posterity.  Now gamers, academics, historians, and internet surfers can browse through my old game notes.  Their archive is a great place to see gaming notes, maps, and other cool stuff.  There is a great homemade AD&D module on the site (check out Habitation of the Stone Giant Lord!).

Stats for TSR's Marvel Super Heroes RPG written by my brother; This sheet will live forever at plagmada,org

Consider this post a public service announcement.  Head over to and check out their collection.  Send them your stack of gaming papers.  Tell your friends.  I bet you or some friend of yours has a stack of graph paper maps and notes just taking up space.  Send in your stuff instead of throwing it away.  They will even help out with shipping.  Share this message with as many gamers as you can.  It is our duty as gamers to make sure that our story is preserved for future generations.