Thursday, December 4, 2014

James Raggi has new books for sale!

I am a bibliophile to the point of having a fetish for books.  I'm the kind of book collector who winces when someone bends the spine of one of my precious tomes.  I will mull over details such as paper thickness and binding quality when I am deciding to purchase a book.  

When it comes to rpg products, James Raggi's Lamentations of the Flame Princess products are the most unique and beautifully produced books I have seen.  His vision of a fantasy role playing game is like Kafka taking acid while listening to Slayer.  Lamentation of the Flame Princess (or LotFP) adventures are paradigm breaking affairs that breath new life into the hobby while simultaneously scaring the crap out of it.

Not only are his products innovative, they are also physically gorgeous.  The artwork is horrid and hypnotic.  The paper and covers are assembled with true spirit, producing a gestalt of a book that makes the hands that hold it tremble.  When I lift my copy of the core rules the gravitas of the product radiates through me.

Mr. Raggi has just printed some new books and I suggest that you go buy some.  My suggestions:

A Red and Pleasant Land - This is some weird Alice in Wonderland campaign by Zak Smith.  The artwork alone looks great.  I would be buying this myself if not for a recent personal income crisis.  Please make James sell out of these so I don't have to suffer anymore.

No Salvation for Witches - This book has some crazy witch goodness inside of it.  I have seen the pdf and the artwork is awesome.  Looking at it will give you the urge to go to confession.

There are plenty of other awesome books for sale.  Please order the books; LotFP products are well made and you get the pdf with it.  Plus it is always cool to receive packages from Finland.