Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014: My Year in Gaming

As 2014 draws to a close I like to reflect on my gaming for the year.  I am an avid collector and will buy game products like a hoarder stockpiling newspapers.  It is important to review the enjoyment of my game collection so that I can make sure that I am enjoying the gaming hobby rather than having the gaming hobby enjoy me.  Here are some highlights, thoughts, and rants for 2014.

Biggest Accomplishment

I signed up for a Play 5 RPGs You Have Never Played Before challenge over on rpggeek.com (I'm listed at item #38).  I completed the challenge with eight new games under my belt.  I love trying out new rpg systems, and playing eight new games was a great way to expand my gaming view.  Three of those new games were played with my daughter, which in turn led to our first family rpg sessions.  My wife has said that she doesn't like rpgs but she bit the bullet for some sessions of The Warriors Adventure Game and Call of Catthulhu.  This challenge was awesome for exposing me to new systems as well as bringing family role playing into the house.

Best New Game I Played

Call of Catthulhu, paws down, is my choice for the best new rpg that I played this year.  I backed this project on Kickstarter and have been amply rewarded.  The game is about cats who fight against supernatural forces of evil.  The mechanics are simple and the theme is perfect for my daughter.  She loved this game so much I had to buy her her own copy.  My goal is to have an in depth review up on the site soon.

Most Anticipated Overdue Kickstarter That I Have Not Yet Received

The Deluxe Tunnels and Trolls game is still not in print.  I love T&T for its ease of play and zany nature.  The book is 2 years behind schedule, but the creators have been releasing regular updates and I have pdfs of the beta rules.  When this book arrives in my mail I will do a dance that will put leprechauns to shame.

Those are some thoughts on the year as 2014 ends.  I still need to play the FATE system, I am reading the entire Eclipse Phase rulebook, and I continue to collect more games that I should.  Next post, looking towards the gaming future in 2015!