Wednesday, January 15, 2014

There Will Be an Openquest Sci-fi Game!

Role-playing games with simple rules are something that I appreciate more as I get older.  A good sign for a game is being able to explain it and start playing in about 15 minutes.  Openquest is a game based on the BRP/D100 system that has prided itself on its simplicity.  One thing that draws me to the Openquest system is that it is percentile based; whenever I have to make a call as GM that is not covered in a system’s rules, I usually think of it as a percentage anyway.  You can read about Openquest and download the 1st edition rules for free.

There is a Kickstarter going on right now for a sci-fi game based on the Openquest rules.  The game is called River of Heaven and it is set about 1000 years from the present.   I am getting a Dune mixed with Eclipse Phase vibe from the setting. The first chapter is available for preview and it gives ideas for running in various other times. It looks like you can use the rules to run anything from cyberpunk to Star Trek.

The Kickstarter is to commission art for the game as the manuscript is written.  Art can add wonders to the feel of any game, so I am pulling for this one.  They have already met their first goal and they are now working towards stretch goals for even more art and full color art.  

I dig sci-fi games and I think our hobby will be richer with this addition.  Plus, D101 Games is being smart with their Kickstarter by using vouchers to avoid being stuck with high shipping costs and giving every backer a pdf as soon as the Kickstarter closes.  Check out River of Heaven.