Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The Move is Done!

This summer we moved to another state.  I wrote a blog post with some advice on moving a large game collection.  The move is done and I have some more advice.

1.  Do your research!  We went with a broker instead of a regular moving company.  We did this to save money.  In hindsight we would not do this again.  All a broker does is hire a cheap mover to move your stuff.  These cheap movers are often of dubious quality and operate in the grey areas of moving laws and regulations.  I don't think our move would have been perfect if we went with a mainstream company, but I definitely would not use a broker again.

2.  Be prepared for stuff to get messed up!  Before the move I read many articles on how to pack.  They said things like, "Label boxes with fragile tiles TLO for top load only."  I wrote TLO on many boxes.  When the movers showed up they did whatever the hell they wanted.  They ignored labels and put boxes where ever they wanted.  They didn't even have stickers to mark our stuff.  If there is something that is extra-special, take it with you and don't let it go on the truck.

3.  Get heavy duty boxes!  I bought moving boxes from various stores.  When I was at Lowes there were two kinds, regular and heavy duty.  The heavy duty boxes were about double the cost of the regular.  However, they are worth it for keeping your stuff in good condition.  As I stated above, the movers threw boxes into the truck with no regard for what was in them.  Almost all of the regular boxes were sunken in by the end of the move.  This resulted in some bent books and game boxes.  The few heavy duty boxes that I bought kept their integrity.

You could say that the Axis got "crushed."  Despite the battered box all of the game components were unharmed and are in playable condition.
Moving is rough.  Next time I have to move I will do things differently.  Now we are set up in our new place and are in the process of adjusting to our new lives.  Hopefully when things are more settled I can post more.  Game on!