Monday, June 26, 2017

Moving Your Game Collection!

There hasn't been a post for a while as we are in the process of packing up our house.  So today's post is a warning to all the collectors out there.  Moving a huge game collection is no joke.  Here are some tips.

1.  Stop buying games right now!

Seriously, do you need more games?  How many rpg splat books do you own already?  Look at your collection.  Have you played all of those games?  Start enjoying what you have.  At the very least think about buying PDFs instead of game books.  I will admit that while I have been packing I have received my copy of the new Conan rpg and a copy of Starfleet Battles.

 2.  Give games away!

I did follow this rule.  Are there games you will not play again?  Games you won't play?  Spread the love and give them to someone who will enjoy them.  Sell them, trade them, give them to a teacher. Every game out of the collection is one less game you have to pack up.

3.  Use all available space!

There is a popular board game podcast called The Dice Tower.  The host, Tom Vasel, moved a large game collection from South Korea to Florida.  I listened to his podcast during the move and he talked about fitting games inside other games.  Think about all the empty space in those game boxes.  Shove a few card games in there.

In the above picture I have placed the My Little Pony ccg inside a wargame box.  Strange bedfellows for sure, but the more I can condense the better.

Here is another example where I fit my Heroclix maps inside another wargame.

For all of you who have moved a game collection, I salute you.  It is a tough task.  I leave you with a few more photos of the job.

 A table full of games!

So many they spill onto the floor!

A tightly packed box!