Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Things I am Grateful for as a Gamer

2016 is a year that has been described as a huge dumpster fire, and I agree with that assessment. Regardless of the turmoil going on throughout the world, 2016 has been full of personal challenges and tragedies.  In terms of gaming, 2016 has been a hard year.  Our group started out strong but once work started time for gaming became scarce.  I have been so busy that I started to feel despondent about gaming.

I believe that it is important in times like these to take an inventory of all the good things that you are grateful for in life.  I am grateful for my family.  I am grateful that I grew up with a gamer father and brother who introduced me to wargames and rpgs.  I am grateful that I have friends to game with.

I am especially grateful that this hobby is being passed on to a younger, creative generation.  I was recently talking to a former student who is a member of the game club at our school.  This student was telling me about the Dragon Ball Z and Naruto campaigns that they were designing using the D&D5e rules.  How awesome was this?  Here was the new generation of gamers doing what rpgs were designed to do, creating custom content and stories.


Why not?

I am grateful to watch kids participate in the tabletop rprg hobby and make it their own.  Creativity is one of the most important forces in the universe, and I am glad that our hobby fosters it.  Gamers, keep creating cool stuff!