Monday, May 2, 2016

A to Z Challenge Reflection #atozchallenge

The April A to Z Challenge has ended and I had a post for every day.  I enjoyed the challenge and had fun checking out other blogs.  I have thought about the blog and my posting in general, and I have come to some conclusions.

I like sharing with people.  The main reason that I started this blog was to share cool stuff that I have found, read, played. or seen.  Sometimes I feel that it is not worth talking about a certain game or book, because either everyone already knows about it or they can easily find it themselves.  However, life does not work that way.  I have found so many interesting things in the tiny corners of the internet.  If I introduce one person to something new, then I have done my job.

I want to be more of a creator.  I don't know if I will be writing my own game soon, but I like writing about my hobbies.  Writing about my gaming, reading, comics, and other fancies helps me to gauge how much time and interest I put into them.  It is very easy for me to collect games and books.  By writing about them I make sure that I am appreciating the things that I collect.  I look at them, read them, play them, and think critically about them.

I would like to update the graphic design of the blog.  This is not my forte, so I will be looking for advice from someone else.  I have looked at many visually appealing blogs this month.  It is time I do some updating to my own site.

That's it for today.  Big high-five to everyone who did the A to Z challenge.  I had fun and enjoyed reading the posts!