Thursday, January 29, 2015

Kickstarter Shoutout: Nefertiti Overdrive

I'm boosting the signal on another rpg Kickstarter.  This one is called Nefertiti Overdrive and it is a high action game that takes place in Ancient Egypt.  I would call it Cleopatra: Warrior Princess the RPG,  I'll go ahead and list 4 reasons why I am excited about this project and why I think you should check it out.

1.  I think that the theme is awesome.  Ancient Egypt is a great place to have adventures and it is a setting that has always captured my imagination.

2.  The art by Kieron O'Gorman looks great.  It is evocative of the setting and screams action.  I would buy this project if it was a comic.

3.  The rules seem an interesting mix of the Cortex system and the Wushu system.  Players are rewarded for being as descriptive as possible with their actions.

4.  The game is inexpensive.  Seven Canadian dollars will get you a pdf while 20 Canadian dollars will get you the print version as well.

Ronald Fraser, the author, has a few other completed Kickstarters under his belt.  The project has already funded so right now they are looking for stretch goals.  I'm hoping that they reach the goal for the Fate Accelerated adaptation.  Check it out and when the game comes out we can run a session via Google Hangouts!