Saturday, January 19, 2013

Cross-Blog Promotion

I love internet contests.  I also love the fact that so much gaming material is available online.  When I started out as a gamer I had to wait for the next issue of the General or Autoduel Quarterly to read the lastest rules explanations and expansions.  Now all one has to do is a quick Google or forum search and  one can have rules clarificaitons and a whole adventure at their fingertips.

William Dowie over at Ramblings of a Great Khan is running a contest of his own.  He's looking for people to write rpg adventures with an Ancient Rome theme.  He plans to put all of these adventures online after he gets them.  That is awesome because free adventures are the GMs best friend.

Part of the reason that I started this blog is that I want to be more creative and productive with my gaming habits, rather than just buying and collecting stuff.  My short term gamer goal is to enter an adventure into this contest.  I hope some of you will, too.  As a GM with tons of other stuff to do, the availability of free rpg adventures on the interent has been a big help to me.  Check out William's blog and send him an adventure so we can have some more awesome free adventures out there on the web.

Also, congratulations to William for winning my copy of Himmler's War.